Well, since he shares the same body type as Wasp, I guess he could look a bit like him, hiding his mouth.

But while I was drawing that, I decided that I’d prefer Bee to not change anything about his looks. He has such an expressive and dynamic face that, in my opinion, allows him to communicate his feelings and opinions without any words. So, if he did lose his voice, I’d hope for him to express himself with his face and gestures.

Yes, this is just an excuse for me to draw Bee making silly faces.




Pretty sure I’m going to be RP’ing Megatron this week, so I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing for him. Having a hard time coming up with a solid, full fic idea, so here’s a few disconnected, possibly out of order & mixing continuities, drabbles from Megatron’s POV instead. It’s pretty tame: PG at most, character exploration for my favorite Warlord.


Dirt and rock between his fingers, dust in the joints. They ground and hissed in his audio inputs like a comforting norm as he brushes away the particles too small for his pick and too close to the precious fuel. The Energon comes free, shining through even the scrapes of dull metal and rock. He holds it, rubbing his finger along the side. So much work, for so little.

Megatron is young.

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There’s a moment where Mark Whalberg comments on the loving nature of his daughter’s relationship with her secret boyfriend with much disdain. Optimus Prime comments, "I went through the same thing with Bumblebee." This raises two questions:

  1. Is Optimus Prime Bumblebee’s father?
  2. Is Bumblebee…